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Index: M

RMI registry: 3.1.1. RMI in Action
ServerInit class: 4.4.3. Stringified Object References
MalformedLinkException class: 22. The javax.naming Package
MalformedURLException class: 3.4.1. The Registry and Naming Services
mandatory attributes: 6.11. Creating Directory Entries
manifest file (JAR file): 7.7.4. Packaging Enterprise JavaBeans
MapMessage interface: 21. The javax.jms Package
mapping object-oriented languages to CORBA specifications: 4.1. The CORBA Architecture
MARSHAL class: 30. The org.omg.CORBA Package
MarshalException class: 3.1.2. RMI Architecture
3.4.2. Remote Method Arguments and Return Values
marshaling: 3.1.2. RMI Architecture
(see also unmarshaling)
IDL objects: 33. The org.omg.CORBA.portable Package
remote method arguments: 3.1.2. RMI Architecture Mapping strings and characters to Java
URL, encoding for class file: 3.5.1. Configuring Clients and Servers for Remote Class Loading
MarshalledObject class: Implementing an activatable object Passing data with the MarshalledObject
13. The java.rmi Package
member availability: Member availability and flags
member flags: Member availability and flags
Message interface: 21. The javax.jms Package
message-oriented middleware (MOM), JMS and: 1.3.7. JMS: Enterprise Messaging
MessageFormatException class: 21. The javax.jms Package
MessageListener interface: 21. The javax.jms Package
MessageNotReadableException class: 21. The javax.jms Package
MessageNotWriteableException class: 21. The javax.jms Package
21. The javax.jms Package
MessageProducer interface: 21. The javax.jms Package
point-to-point: 21. The javax.jms Package
publish/subscribe: 21. The javax.jms Package
EJB objects: 19. The javax.ejb Package
JDBC: 2.9. Metadata
properties, querying for: 11.12. Property Service
resultsets, SQL queries: 18. The java.sql Package
method call semantics (IDL), mapping to Java: Methods
asynchronous (CORBA): 11.3. Event Service
calls, return values or exceptions: 3.1.2. RMI Architecture
context variables: Context values
implementation: 4.2.1. An IDL Primer
mapping to Java interface: Methods
IDL interfaces: Data members and methods
IDL interfaces, inheriting: 10.10.3. Interface Inheritance
IDL operations: 10.10.2. Methods
call semantics: Call semantics
exceptions: Exceptions
identifiers: Method and attribute inheritance
parameter modifiers: 4.2.1. An IDL Primer
parameters: Parameters
time limit, exceeding: 22. The javax.naming Package
Access database, metadata: 2.9.1. DatabaseMetaData
ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity): 2.1. JDBC Architecture
Visual C++ pre-processor: 12. Java IDL Tools
MIME types
filtering, servlets: 5.3. Servlet Chaining
transmitting, servlets: 5.9. Databases and Non-HTML Content
modification types (attributes): 6.10. Modifying Directory Entries
ModificationItem class: 6.10. Modifying Directory Entries
23. The javax.naming.directory Package
modifier methods, unions (IDL), mapping to Java: Mapping unions to Java Mapping unions to Java
modifiers (IDL methods): 4.2.1. An IDL Primer
Attribute class: 23. The javax.naming.directory Package
AttributeModificationException class: 23. The javax.naming.directory Package
Attributes interface: 23. The javax.naming.directory Package
DirContext interface: 6.9.4. The Attribute Interface
6.10. Modifying Directory Entries
6.10. Modifying Directory Entries
23. The javax.naming.directory Package
modules, CORBA object relationships: 11.8. Relationship Service
modules (IDL): Modules
10. IDL Reference
declarations: 10.9. Module Declarations
mapping to Java: 10.9.1. Mapping Modules to Java
nesting within files: 4.2.1. An IDL Primer
MOM (see message-oriented middleware)
moveToCurrentRow() (ResultSet): 2.13.1. Results Handling
moveToInsertRow() (ResultSet): 2.13.1. Results Handling
multicast objects (remote object communication): 3.1.2. RMI Architecture

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