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0.5. Conventions

Italic is used for:

  • Filenames and pathnames

  • Hostnames, domain names, URLs, and email addresses

  • New terms where they are defined

Constant width is used for:

  • Code examples and fragments

  • Class, variable, and method names, and Java keywords used within the text

  • SQL commands, table names, and column names

  • XML elements and tags

Constant width bold is used for emphasis in some code examples.

Constant width italic is used to indicate text that is replaceable. For example, in BeanNamePK, you would replace BeanName with a specific bean name.

An Enterprise JavaBean consists of many parts; it's not a single object, but a collection of objects and interfaces. To refer to an Enterprise JavaBean as a whole, we use the name of its remote interface in Roman type. For example, we will refer to the BaggageHandler bean when we want to talk about the bean in general. If we put the name in a constant width font, we are referring explicitly to the bean's remote interface. So BaggageHandler is the remote interface that defines the business methods of the BaggageHandler bean.

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