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0.4. Software and Versions

This book covers Enterprise JavaBeans Version 1.1 and Version 1.0, including all optional features. It uses Java language features from the Java 1.1 platform and JDBC. Because the focus of this book is to develop vendor-independent Enterprise JavaBeans components and solutions, I have stayed away from proprietary extensions and vendor-dependent idioms. Any EJB-compliant server can be used with this book; you should be familiar with that server's specific installation, deployment, and runtime management procedures to work with the examples. To find out the details of deploying, running, and accessing beans within any specific server, consult your EJB vendor's documentation; these details aren't covered by the EJB specification.

This book covers both EJB 1.1 and EJB 1.0. These two versions have a lot in common, but when they differ, text specific to each version is clearly marked. Feel free to skip version-specific sections that do not concern you. Unless indicated, the source code in this book has been written for EJB 1.1. Changes for EJB 1.0 are indicated in comments.

Examples developed in this book are available from ftp://ftp.oreilly.com/pub/examples/java/ejb. The examples are organized by chapter.

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