B.2. Date/Time Key Words

Table B-1 shows the tokens that are recognized as names of months.

Table B-1. Month Names

Month Abbreviations
January Jan
February Feb
March Mar
April Apr
June Jun
July Jul
August Aug
September Sep, Sept
October Oct
November Nov
December Dec

Table B-2 shows the tokens that are recognized as names of days of the week.

Table B-2. Day of the Week Names

Day Abbreviations
Sunday Sun
Monday Mon
Tuesday Tue, Tues
Wednesday Wed, Weds
Thursday Thu, Thur, Thurs
Friday Fri
Saturday Sat

Table B-3 shows the tokens that serve various modifier purposes.

Table B-3. Date/Time Field Modifiers

Identifier Description
AM Time is before 12:00
AT Ignored
JULIAN , JD , J Next field is Julian Day
ON Ignored
PM Time is on or after 12:00
T Next field is time

The key word ABSTIME is ignored for historical reasons: In very old releases of PostgreSQL , invalid values of type abstime were emitted as Invalid Abstime . This is no longer the case however and this key word will likely be dropped in a future release.