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This FAQ is supplemental documentation to the man pages, available both in the installed system and online. The FAQ covers the active release of OpenBSD, currently v4.2. There are likely features and changes to features in the development version (-current) of OpenBSD that are not covered in this FAQ.

The FAQ in PDF and plain text form is available in the pub/OpenBSD/doc directory from many FTP mirrors, along with archival versions.

1 - Introduction to OpenBSD

2 - Getting to know OpenBSD

3 - Getting started with OpenBSD

4 - OpenBSD 4.2 Installation Guide

5 - Building the System from Source

6 - Networking

7 - Keyboard and Display Controls

8 - General Questions

9 - Migrating to OpenBSD

10 - System Management

11 - The X Window System

12 - Hardware and Platform-Specific Questions

13 - Multimedia

14 - Disk Setup

15 - The OpenBSD packages and ports system

PF User's Guide

Commonly Encountered Issues

Recent Updates

The FAQ maintainers are Nick Holland, Joel Knight, and Steven Mestdagh.
Additional contributors to the FAQ include Eric Jackson, Wim Vandeputte and Chris Cappuccio.

For information about and assisting in the translation of this FAQ and the rest of the OpenBSD website, see the translation page.

Questions and comments regarding the FAQ may be directed to faq@openbsd.org. General questions about OpenBSD should be directed to the appropriate mail list.

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