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Table of Contents

madvise(2) - advise the system of a process's expected paging behavior
makecontext(2) - manipulate user contexts; DEPRECATED
memcntl(2) - memory management control
mkdir(2) - make a directory file
mknod(2) - make a directory, special, or ordinary file
mlock(2) - lock a segment of the process virtual address space in memory
mlockall(2) - lock a process virtual address space in memory
mmap(2) - map pages of memory
mmap64(2) - non-POSIX standard API interfaces to support large files — see creat64(2)
modload(2) - load kernel modules on demand
modpath(2) - change global search path for dynamically loadable kernel modules
modstat(2) - get information for a dynamically loaded kernel module
moduload(2) - unload a kernel module on demand
mount(2) - mount a file system
mpctl(2) - multiprocessor control
mprotect(2) - set or check protection of memory mapping
mq_close(2) - close a message queue descriptor
mq_getattr(2) - get status information and attributes associated with a message queue
mq_notify(2) - register or cancel a notification request with a message queue
mq_open(2) - create or open a message queue
mq_receive(2) - receive a message from a message queue
mq_send(2) - send a message to a message queue
mq_setattr(2) - set the blocking status of a message queue associated with a descriptor
mq_unlink(2) - unlink a message queue
msem_init(2) - initialize a semaphore in a mapped file or anonymous memory region
msem_lock(2) - lock a semaphore
msem_remove(2) - remove a semaphore in mapped file or anonymous region
msem_unlock(2) - unlock a semaphore
msgctl(2) - message control operations
msgget(2) - get message queue
msgop(2) - message operations
msgrcv(2) - message operations — see msgop(2)
msgsnd(2) - message operations — see msgop(2)
msync(2) - synchronize the memory of a mapped file with physical storage
munlock(2) - unlock a segment of the process virtual address space
munlockall(2) - unlock the entire virtual address space of a process
munmap(2) - unmap pages of memory
mvalid(2) - check memory region for validity
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