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Table of Contents

named.conf(4) - configuration file for Internet domain name server
netconfig(4) - network configuration database
netgroup(4) - list of network groups
netrc(4) - login information for ftp, rexec, and rexec()
nettlgen.conf(4) - network tracing and logging configuration file
networks(4) - network name data base
nfs(4) - file containing parameter values for NFS-related daemons
nfslog.conf(4) - NFS server logging configuration file
nfssec.conf(4) - list NFS security modes
nlist(4) - structure formats
nlist_ia(4) - structure formats for Integrity systems
nlist_pa(4) - structure formats for PA-RISC systems
nlist64(4) - structure formats — see nlist(4)
nlist64_ia(4) - structure formats for Integrity systems — see nlist_ia(4)
nlist64_pa(4) - structure formats for PA-RISC systems — see nlist_pa(4)
nlspath(4) - NLSPATH configuration file
nsswitch.conf(4) - configuration file for the name-service switch
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