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Table of Contents

cal(1) - print calendar
calendar(1) - reminder service
cancel(1) - print/alter/cancel requests on an LP destination — see lp(1)
cat(1) - concatenate, copy, and print files
cc_bundled(1) - bundled C compiler
ccat(1) - compact and uncompact files, and cat them — see compact(1)
cd(1) - change working directory
cdc(1) - change the delta commentary of an SCCS delta
cerupdate(1) - update the Common Error Repository (CER) with error metadata
chacl(1) - add, modify, delete, copy, or summarize access control lists (ACLs) of files
chatr(1) - change program's internal attributes
chatr_ia(1) - change program's internal attributes on Integrity systems
chatr_pa(1) - change program's internal attributes on PA-RISC systems
checknr(1) - check nroff/troff files
chfn(1) - change user information used by finger command
chgrp(1) - change file owner or group — see chown(1)
chkey(1) - change user's secure RPC key pair
chmod(1) - change file mode access permissions
chown(1) - change file owner or group
chsh(1) - change default login shell
ci(1) - check in RCS revisions
ckconfig(1) - verify the path names of all the FTP configuration files.
cksum(1) - print file checksum and sizes
clear(1) - clear terminal screen
cmp(1) - compare two files
co(1) - check out RCS revisions
col(1) - filter reverse line-feeds and backspaces
comb(1) - combine SCCS deltas
comm(1) - select or reject lines common to two sorted files
command(1) - execute a simple command
compact(1) - compact and uncompact files, and cat them
compress(1) - compress and expand data
compressdir(1) - compress and expand data — see compress(1)
convert(1) - convert an audio file
cp(1) - copy files and directory subtrees
cpio(1) - copy file archives in and out; duplicate directory trees
cpp(1) - the C language preprocessor
crontab(1) - user job file scheduler
crypt(1) - encode and decode files
csh(1) - a shell (command interpreter) with C-like syntax
cslip(1) - PPP point to point protocal daemon — see pppd(1)
csplit(1) - context split
ct(1) - spawn getty to a remote terminal (call terminal)
ctags(1) - create a tags file
cu(1) - call another (UNIX) system; terminal emulator
cut(1) - cut out (extract) selected fields of each line of a file
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