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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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pathfind() — search for named file in named directories


#include <libgen.h>

char *pathfind (const char *path, const char *name, const char *mode);


pathfind searches the directories named in path for the file name. The directories named in path are separated by colons. mode is a string of option letters chosen from the set rwxfbcdpugks:

fnormal file
bblock special
ccharacter special
pFIFO (pipe)
uset user ID bit
gset group ID bit
ksticky bit
ssize nonzero

Options read, write, and execute are checked relative to the real (not the effective) user ID and group ID of the current process.

If the file name, with all the characteristics specified by mode, is found in any of the directories specified by path, then pathfind returns a pointer to a string containing the member of path, followed by a slash character (/), followed by name.

If name begins with a slash, it is treated as an absolute path name, and path is ignored.

An empty path member is treated as the current directory. . is not prepended at the occurrence of the first match; rather, the unadorned name is returned.

To use this interface, link in the libgen library by specifying -lgen. For example:

cc foo.c -lgen


If no match is found, pathname returns a null pointer, ((char *) 0).


To find the ls command using the PATH environment variable:

pathfind (getenv ("PATH"), "ls", "rx")


The string pointed to by the returned pointer is stored in a static area that is reused on subsequent calls to pathfind.

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