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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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nodehostnamesize — size of node name and host name


The HP-UX operating system default configuration allows the system node name and host name to be up to 8 and 64 bytes in length, respectively. The node name supports the UUCP utilities. The host name supports the internet Domain Name Services (DNS) host name label.

Setting a node name of more than 8 bytes or a host name of more than 64 bytes is possible only with the appropriate configuration options enabled.


See the whitepaper Node and Host Name Sizes on HP-UX: Using the Expanded Capabilities for more information.


It is strongly recommended that all related documentation be completely understood before setting a larger node or host name. A node name larger than 8 bytes, or host name larger than 64 bytes, can cause anomalous behavior or failure in applications which use the uname and/or hostname commands or the uname() and/or gethostname() system functions to obtain the names.


hostname(1), uname(1), uucp(1), setuname(1M), gethostname(2), sethostname(2), uname(2), hostname(5).

Node and Host Name Sizes on HP-UX: Using the Expanded Capabilities whitepaper, available on http://docs.hp.com.

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