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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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mnttab — mounted file system table


#include <mntent.h>


mnttab resides in directory /etc and contains a table of devices mounted by the mount command (see mount(1M)). The file contains a line of information for each mounted filesystem which is structurally identical to the contents of /etc/fstab described by fstab(4).

There are a number of lines of the form:

special_file_name dir type opts freq passno mount_time

consisting of entries similar to:

/dev/dsk/c0d0s0 / hfs rw 0 1 537851723

/etc/mnttab is accessed by programs that use getmntent() (see getmntent(3X)). It should never be manually edited or overwritten.

mount_time contains the time the file system was mounted using mount. Its value is the number of seconds since the Epoch (00:00:00 Coordinated Universal Time, January 1, 1970 (see time(2).

The mnttab file is a pseudo-file whose contents are dynamically created based on the kernel's private in-core mount table. The file will always reflect the latest file system mount and umount operations. syncer rewrites the mnttab file if it is found to be deleted or corrupted. (see syncer(1M)).


The table is provided only as a means for programs to return information about mounted file systems.

/etc/mnttab should never be edited, either with a text editor or with the delmntent(3X) and addmntent(3X) API's. The kernel will ignore all writes to /etc/mnttab, so these API's will return success even though they do not actually modify /etc/mnttab.


mnttab was developed by the University of California, Berkeley, Sun Microsystems, Inc., and HP.



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