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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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syncer — periodically sync for file system integrity


/usr/sbin/syncer [seconds] [-s] [-d directory ...]


syncer is a program that periodically executes sync() at an interval determined by the input argument seconds (see sync(2)). If seconds is not specified, the default interval is every 30 seconds. This ensures that the file system is fairly up-to-date in case of a crash. This command should not be executed directly, but should be executed at system boot time via startup script /sbin/init.d/syncer.

syncer also updates the /etc/mnttab file if it does not match current kernel mount information.


syncer recognizes the following options:


Cause syncer to not update the /etc/mnttab file. Use of this option is provided for special cases of backward compatilibity only, and is strongly discouraged. This option may be removed in a future release.


Open directories for cache benefit. All directories must be specified by their full path name. If the -d option is not used, no directories are opened.


syncer was developed by the University of California, Berkeley and HP.

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