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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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dlpi_drv.h — definitions of interfaces for device drivers to interact with DLPI




The <dlpi_drv.h> header file contains definitions of structures and function prototypes that are required by networking device drivers to interact with DLPI (data link provider interface).

The header file contains interfaces that could be used by tightly coupled and loosely coupled drivers. DLPI serves as a sole interface to DLS users for tightly coupled drivers. Whereas, a loosely coupled driver depends on DLPI only to provide information to userspace commands nwmgr(1M) and lanscan(1M) for display purposes.

All loosely coupled and tightly coupled drivers must include this file.

The manuals page dlpi(7) provides an overview of HP-UX's DLPI. The header file <dlpi.h> contains DLPI requests; see dlpi(4). The header file <dlpi_ext.h> provides HP-specific extensions to DLPI 2.0 standards; see dlpi_ext(4).


The interfaces provided in <dlpi_drv.h> may change in the next HP-UX release.

The lanadmin, lanscan, and linkloop commands are deprecated. These commands will be removed in a future HP-UX release. HP recommends the use of replacement command nwmgr(1M) to perform all network interface-related tasks.


<dlpi_drv.h> was created by HP.


lanscan(1M), nwmgr(1M), dlpi(4), dlpi_ext(4), dlpi(7), lan(7).

Driver Development Guide, Hewlett-Packard

Device Driver Reference, Hewlett-Packard

DLPI Programmer's Guide, 2003, Hewlett-Packard

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