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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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htonl(), htons(), ntohl(), ntohs() — convert values between host and network byte order


#include <netinet/in.h> _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED only #include <arpa/inet.h> unsigned long htonl(unsigned long hostlong); unsigned short htons(unsigned short hostshort); unsigned long ntohl(unsigned long netlong); unsigned short ntohs(unsigned short netshort);


These routines convert 16- and 32-bit quantities between network byte order and host byte order. On HP-UX systems, network and host byte orders are identical, so these routines are defined as null macros in the include file <netinet/in.h>. If _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED is defined then these routines are defined in the include file <arpa/inet.h>.

These routines are most often used in conjunction with Internet addresses and ports as returned by gethostent() and getservent() (see gethostent(3N) and getservent(3N)). Use these routines to write portable programs.


byteorder() was developed by the University of California, Berkeley.


byteorder(): XPG4

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