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HP-UX Software Assistant Administration Guide: HP-UX 11i Systems


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HP Part Number: 5992-5372

Edition: 5

Published: October 2008

Table of Contents

About this Document
Intended Audience
New and Changed Information in This Edition
Typographic Conventions
Related Information
Publishing History
HP Encourages Your Comments
1 Introducing HP-UX Software Assistant
HP-UX SWA Overview
SWA Release Notes
SWA Capabilities
SWA Command Structure
The Major Modes
Extended Options
SWA Help
2 Installing HP-UX Software Assistant
Installation Requirements
Where to Find the SWA Software
Installing SWA from HP Operating Environment Media
Installing SWA from HP Applications Media
Installing SWA from the HP Software Depot
Installing SWA from a Local or Remote Depot
Uninstalling SWA from an HP-UX system
3 Quick Start
Steps to Using SWA
Run the Initial Report
Review Recommended Actions
Download Patches and Make a Depot
Read the readBeforeInstall.txt file and take appropriate actions
Install the Depot
Generate a Second Report
Put Appropriate Actions in the Ignore File
4 Creating and Interpreting Reports
Report Overview
The HTML Report
The Assessment Profile
The Action Report
Patch Bundles
Manual Actions
The Issue Report
Latest Quality Pack Bundle (QPK)
Security Bulletins (SEC)
Patches that Fix Critical Issues (CRIT)
Patches with Warnings (PW)
Specific Patch (PATCH) and Patch or Recommended Successor (CHAIN)
Automatically Invoked Analyzers
The Detail Report
5 Networking Options
Acquiring the Catalog File
Downloading Patches
Using SWA in Secure Network Environments
Using Proxy Servers With Software Assistant
Using the download_cmd Extended Option
Running SWA on a System Without Access to the Internet
A Useful Files and Directories
B Troubleshooting SWA
The swa.log file.
The swa.conf file.
Common Errors
Failed to read swa_catalog.xml
Proxy errors
C SWA Manpages
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