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We use the following typographical conventions.


An HP-UX manpage. audit is the name and 5 is the section in the HP-UX Reference. On the web and on the Instant Information DVD, it may be a hot link to the manpage itself. From the HP-UX command line, you can enter “man audit” or “man 5 audit” to view the manpage. See man(1).

Book Title

The title of a book. On the web and on the Instant Information DVD, it may be a hot link to the book itself.


The name of a keyboard key. Note that Return and Enter both refer to the same key.


Text that is emphasized.


Text that is strongly emphasized.


The defined use of an important word or phrase.


Text displayed by the computer.


Commands and other text that you type.


A command name or qualified command phrase.


The name of a variable that you may replace in a command or function or information in a display that represents several possible values.

[ ]

The contents are optional in formats and command descriptions.

{ }

The contents are required in formats and command descriptions. If the contents are a list separated by |, you must choose one of the items

. . .

The preceding element may be repeated an arbitrary number of times.


Separates items in a list of choices.

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