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HP-UX System Administrator's Guide: Routine Management Tasks: HP-UX 11i Version 3

Chapter 3 Managing Systems


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  Table of Contents


Table of Contents

Managing Disks - Quick Reference Examples
Adding a Disk to a Volume Group
Adding a Logical Volume
Creating a File System
Adding a Logical Volume with Mirroring
Extending a Logical Volume
Extending a Logical Volume When You Can’t Use HP SMH
Reducing a Logical Volume
Removing a Logical Volume
Adding a Mirror for an Existing Logical Volume Using Non-strict Mirroring
Adding a Mirror to an Existing Logical Volume Using Strict Mirroring
Removing a Mirror from a Logical Volume
Replacing a Mirrored Disk in a Logical Volume
Moving a Directory to a Logical Volume on Another System
Managing Large Files
Creating a Large-Files File System
Examples of Creating a Large Files File System
Examples of Creating a No-Large-Files File System
Changing from a Large-Files File System
Command Support for Large Files
Repairing a Large-Files File System with fsck
The mount Command and Large-Files File Systems
For More Information on Large Files
Managing FTP
Enabling/Disabling the /etc/ftpd/ftpaccess Configuration File
Verifying the Path Names of FTP Configuration Files
Getting Information about FTP Users
Creating an FTP Shutdown Message
Logging FTP Session Information
Logging FTP File Transfers
Setting Up Virtual FTP Support
Backing Up Data
Choosing the Type of Storage Device
Choosing a Backup/Recovery Utility
Determining What Data to Back Up
Determining How Often to Back Up Data
Backing Up Your Data Using the fbackup Command
Examples of fbackup Commands
Backing Up Files on a Remote System
Setting Up an Automated Backup Schedule
Creating an Automated Backup Schedule
Displaying an Automated Backup Schedule
Activating an Automated Backup Schedule
Backing Up If You Are Using LVM
Backing Up Large Files
Backing Up a JFS Snapshot File System
Restoring Your Data
Determining What Data to Restore
Before Restoring Your Data
Restoring Your Data Using HP SMH
Restoring Your Data Using HP-UX Commands
Recovering From a System Crash
Backing Up and Recovering Directories: Quick Reference for tar
How To:
Determining What Version of the HP-UX Operating System is Running
Checking the System’s Run Level
Scheduling a cron Job
Adding Users to a Workgroup
Exporting a File System (HP-UX to HP-UX)
Moving Resources
Popping the Directory Stack
Continuing to Work During a Scheduled Downtime
Diagramming a System’s Disk Usage
Finding Large Files
Examining File System Characteristics
Managing Groups of Distributed Systems or Serviceguard Clusters
Adding Peripherals
Setting Up Non-HP Terminals
Troubleshooting Problems with Terminals

This chapter describes routine tasks when managing a single-user or multiuser system. The following main tasks are described:

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