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HP-UX System Administrator's Guide: Overview: HP-UX 11i Version 3 > Chapter 4 System Administration Tools

Network Administration Tools


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Configuring a network can be an involved process involving many different variables. For sophisticated network troubleshooting and performance monitoring, HP offers the OpenView Network Node Manager. For information about the Network Node Manager’s features and capabilities, and how to acquire it see:


The Basics of Network Administration

Networking on HP-UX can include:

  • Remote logins

  • Remote file system access

  • File transfers

  • Remote database access

  • Electronic mail

  • Web server

  • Web client (browser)

  • and much more

Configuring a Network Interface

Before you can use any of the above networking services you need to configure at least one network interface so that HP-UX can communicate with a network.

Specifically, you need to:

  1. Physically connect your server to network hardware (unless you are using a wireless network connection for your server).

  2. Set up one or more network interface controllers (NIC).

  3. Set up a network address (usually an IP address).

  4. Configure Network Services and the ports used by those services.

Use the nwmgr command to configure network interfaces. See the manpage nwmgr(1M) for details on the numerous tasks nwmgr can do.

TIP: For users familiar with networking on previous versions of HP-UX, the nwmgr command performs the functions previously served by the (now deprecated) commands:
  • lanadmin

  • lanscan

  • linkloop

See nwmgr(1M) for details on using the nwmgr command, and discontinue using lanadmin, lanscan, and linkloop.

Refer to the HP-UX LAN Administrator's Guide for information on these basic tasks.

There are many networking documents to assist you with the specific components of networking you want to use. These links into docs.hp.com will help you locate them:

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