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HP-UX System Administrator's Guide: Security Management: HP-UX 11i Version 3 > Chapter 10 Audit Administration

Auditing Components


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The auditing feature of HP-UX 11i contains configuration files, commands, and manpages. These are listed in the following sections.


Table 10-1 contains a brief description of each auditing command.

Table 10-1 Audit Commands



audeventChanges or displays event or system call status.
audispDisplays the audit records.
audomonSets the audit file monitoring and size parameters.
audsysStarts and stops auditing; sets and displays audit file or directory information.
userdbsetSelects users to be audited by specifying the AUDIT_FLAG=1 option.


Audit Configuration Files

Table 10-2 contains a brief description of each configuration file associated with the audit feature.

Table 10-2 Audit Configuration Files



/etc/audit/audit.confFile containing pre-defined event classification information.
/etc/audit/auditr_site.confFile containing site-specific event classification information.
/etc/default/securityFile containing system-wide auditing defaults.
/var/adm/userdbDatabase containing per-user audit information.
/etc/rc.config.d/auditingFile containing configuration information directing audit to start at system reboot.


Audit Manpages

Table 10-3 contains a brief description of each manpage associated with the auditing feature.

Table 10-3 Audit Manpages



audevent(1M)Describes audevent functionality and syntax.
audisp(1M)Describes audisp functionality and syntax.
audomon(1M)Describes audomon functionality and syntax.
audsys(1M)Describes audsys functionality and syntax.
userdbset(1M)Describes userdbset functionality and syntax.
audit.conf(4)Describes the /etc/audit/audit.conf file.
audit(5)Gives introductory information about HP-UX auditing.


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