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HP-UX System Administrator's Guide: Security Management: HP-UX 11i Version 3 > Chapter 8 Fine-Grained Privileges

Fine-Grained Privileges Components


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The fine-grained privileges feature of HP-UX 11i include configuration files, commands, and manpages. You can use these components to configure and administer fine-grained privileges.


Table 8-1 briefly describes the fine-grained privileges commands.

Table 8-1 Fine-Grained Privileges Commands




Sets security attributes of binary files. The attributes include retained privileges, permitted privileges, compartment, and the privilege start flag.


Displays security attributes associated with binary executable files. The attributes include retained privileges, permitted privileges, compartment, and security attribute flags.

getprocxsecDisplays security attributes associated with a running processes. The attributes include the effective privilege set, retained privilege set, permitted privilege set, euid, and the compartment name.



Table 8-2 briefly describes the fine-grained privileges manpages.

Table 8-2 Fine-Grained Privileges Manpages



privileges(5)Overview of HP-UX privileges.


Describes fine-grained privileges interfaces.

setfilexsec(1M)Describes setfilexsec functionality and syntax.
getfilexsec(1M)Describes getfilexsec functionality and syntax.
getprocxsec(1M)Describes getprocxsec funtionality and syntax.


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