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HP-UX System Administrator's Guide: Security Management: HP-UX 11i Version 3 > Chapter 1 Installing the HP-UX Operating Environment Securely

Setting Install-Time Security Options


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The install-time security options allow you to configure an HP-UX Bastille security lockdown engine, which can include an HP-UX IPFilter firewall. After system installation is complete, it will have one of the preconfigured levels of security.

During installation, you can choose from four preconfigured levels of security:


Install the security infrastructure but without enabling optional security features. This is the default.


Install a host-based lockdown system, without HP-UX IPFilter firewall configuration. With this level of security, most network services are disabled. These services can be reinstated by running the bastille(1M) command.


Install a managed lockdown system that blocks most incoming traffic with an HP-UX IPFilter firewall.


Install a DMZ Full lockdown system, which is a host-based and IPFilter network lockdown. HP-UX IPFilter blocks almost all incoming connections.

For information on HP-UX Bastille, see Chapter 3. For information on HP-UX IPFilter, refer to the HP-UX IPFilter Administrator's Guide at:


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