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HP-UX System Administrator's Guide: Security Management: HP-UX 11i Version 3 > Chapter 1 Installing the HP-UX Operating Environment Securely

Installation Security Considerations


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Before you install or update to a new operating system or new software, make a practice of addressing security considerations. Make the following security measures part of your preparation for installation:

  • Review the contents of your media kit. Read the Release Notes and other related information at http://docs.hp.com.

  • Decide which software you need and which you do not need. Do not install unnecessary software. Consult other chapters of this document for help deciding on security software products.

  • Disconnect or disengage your system from the network, especially from a public network, until your security modifications are complete. Consider what, if any, security level you would like to deploy with. See Section  for more information.

  • Make sure the system console is physically protected and your LAN console is either disconnected, or used only through a network where clear-text-protocols like telnet are allowed/protected. This is an important security consideration. Restricting access to the system console helps prevent unauthorized persons from changing the security settings of your system.

  • Install the latest patches, especially security patches. See Section  for more information.

  • Maintain a backup and recovery system. See Section  for more information.

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