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Interfacing to the ISODE SMUX interface

This version of GateD can do SNMP via the ISODE 7.0 SMUX interface. If you don't already have ISODE 7.0 you may obtain a version with many SMUX/SNMP patches applied via from as

Even though the ISODE source requires a lot of disk space, it isn't necessary to build and install all of ISODE, just the core distribution and the snmp code. A partial install ( inst-partial and inst-snmp) are the minimum required.

GateD also supports the ISODE 6.8 based SMUX interface on AIX 3 systems. If you experience errors of the form:

Building: gated-mib.c mosy -s -c gated-mib.c ../mib/ ../mib/ ../mib/ ../mib/ .. /mib/ ../mib/ mosy 6.8 of Sat Nov 23 12:30:27 CST 1991 line 56: Warning: EXPORTS but no ModuleIdentifier last token read was ";" object enterprises: Warning: IMPORTS but no ModuleIdentifier object snmpEnableAuthenTraps: Warning: IMPORTS but no ModuleIdentifier object snmpEnableAuthenTraps: syntax error make: *** [gated-mib.c] Error 1

change the default for ipForwardInfo to remove the second zero so it becomes:

DEFVAL { { 0 } } -- 0.0

The mosy supplied with ISODE 6.8 could not parse this syntax, even though it is correct.

Laurent Joncheray
Wed Jun 12 15:35:22 EDT 1996