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Configuring Hierarchical Squid Caches

Duane Wessels,

August 19, 1997

Configuring Web caches in a hierarchy or mesh can be a daunting process. Caching software such as Squid offers many configuration options. We explain the implications for joining a cache mesh and discuss when certain features will or will not provide benefits. We present common-case scenarios for Internet service providers, corporations, and educational institutions. We also explain how to understand and process cache log files to determine how your cache is interacting with the mesh.

1. Background

2. Terminology and Concepts for Hierarchical Caching

3. Internet Cache Protocol

4. The Basic Neighbour Selection Process

5. Squid's Features for Hierarchical Caching

6. Neighbour Selection Details

7. Common Configurations for Leaf Caches

8. Common Configurations for Parents and Siblings

9. Analyzing Squid's access.log

10. The Cache Manager

11. About This Document

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