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Network Working Group Dave Smallberg RFC: 848 March 14, 1983 Who Provides the "Little" TCP Services? (March 1983) This report lists those hosts which provide any of these "little" TCP services: Port (in decimal) Service ----------------- ------- 7 Echo 9 Discard 11 Active Users (systat) 13 Date and Time in printable form 15 Netstat 17 Quote of the Day 19 Character Generator (ttytst) 37 Time (32 bits) 79 Finger The list of hosts was taken from the NIC hostname table of 24-Feb-83. The tests were run on February 23 and 24, and March 3 and 5 from ISI-VAXA.ARPA. Active users (port 11) Date and time (port 13) (7 hosts) (15 hosts) Name Address Name Address ---- ------- ---- ------- gunter-adam dcn1 usc-isi dcn3 usc-isib dcn5 usc-isic dcn6 usc-isid ford-eed usc-isie ford-ers usc-isif ford1 ford2 ford3 ford4 ndre1 umd1 umd3 umd5 usc-isic Page 1 Echo (port 7) Discard (port 9) (38 hosts) (29 hosts) Name Address Name Address ---- ------- ---- ------- ada-vax ames-tss ames-tss bnl bbn-rsm dcn1 cca-unix dcn3 cit-750 dcn5 cit-vax dcn6 csnet-purdue ford-eed csnet-sh ford-ers dcn1 ford-wdl1 dcn3 ford-wdl6 dcn5 ford1 dcn6 ford2 ford-eed ford3 ford-ers ford4 ford-wdl6 hi-multics ford1 ll ford2 mit-multics ford3 ndre1 ford4 radc-multics hi-multics sri-nic mcclellan ucla-ccn mit-multics umd1 ndre1 umd2 nyu umd3 okc-unix umd5 purdue umd7 purdue-tn usgs1-multics radc-multics usgs2-multics sri-nic usgs3-multics ucla-ccn umd1 umd2 umd3 umd5 umd7 usgs1-multics usgs2-multics usgs3-multics Page 2 Netstat (port 15) Quote of the day (port 17) (21 hosts) (16 hosts) Name Address Name Address ---- ------- ---- ------- dcn1 ames-tss dcn3 dcn1 dcn5 dcn3 dcn6 dcn5 ford-eed dcn6 ford-ers ford-eed ford1 ford-ers ford2 ford-wdl6 ford3 ford1 ford4 ford2 gunter-adam ford3 ndre1 ford4 umd1 ndre1 umd3 umd1 umd5 umd3 usc-isi umd5 usc-isib usc-isic usc-isid usc-isie usc-isif Page 3 Character generator (port 19) Finger (port 79) (19 hosts) (35 hosts) Name Address Name Address ---- ------- ---- ------- dcn1 ada-vax dcn3 aids-unix dcn5 cca-unix dcn6 cit-20 ford-eed cit-750 ford-ers cit-vax ford-wdl6 csnet-purdue ford1 csnet-sh ford2 gunter-adam ford3 hi-multics ford4 jpl-vax ndre1 lll-mfe sri-nic mit-ai umd1 mit-ajax umd2 mit-cls umd3 mit-dms umd5 mit-mc umd7 mit-ml usc-isic mit-multics nyu purdue purdue-tn radc-multics rutgers sri-iu sri-kl usc-isi usc-isib usc-isic usc-isid usc-isie usc-isif utexas-20 wharton-10 wpafb-afwal Page 4 Time (port 37) Time (continued) (60 hosts) Name Address Name Address ---- ------- ---- ------- bbn-admin ford-eed bbn-cd ford-ers bbn-clxx ford-wdl6 bbn-inoc ford1 bbn-noc ford2 bbn-unix ford3 bbn-vax ford4 bbna hi-multics bbncca mit-ai bbnccb mit-dms bbnccc mit-mc bbnccd mit-ml bbnccf mit-multics bbncci ndre1 bbng nlm-mcs bbnp radc-multics bbnq sri-nic bbns st-nic bbnt su-score bbnw umd1 bbnx umd3 bbny umd5 bbnz usc-isi brl usc-isib brl-bmd usc-isid brl-vld usc-isie dcn1 usc-isif dcn3 usgs1-multics dcn5 usgs2-multics dcn6 usgs3-multics Page 5