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Network Working Group D.W. Dodds Request for Comments: 669 BBN-TENEXA NIC: 31435 December 4, 1974 November, 1974, Survey of New-Protocol TELNET Servers Two months have elapsed since our last survey, and the appearance of additional New-Protocol servers has progressed at the usual snail's pace. The changes in this list are (with host numbers in octal): SRI-AI (102) now has a New-Protocol server; SDC-LAB (10) is back on the net and the list; SDC-CC (110) is coming on the net but status is as yet unknown; USC-ISI (126) and USC-ISIB (226) (formerly ISI-DEVTENEX) now have New-Protocol servers; SDAC-44 (32) has been removed -- no longer classed as a server host; HAWAII-500 (344) is coming on the net, status presently unknown; LONDON (52) has been added; BBN-TENEXD is now host 162 (formerly 205). What follows is an update of the summary and tabulation that appeared in RFC #702.* Is there light at the end of the tunnel? total server hosts 37 100% no New-Prot server 19 51% unknown status (new host) 2 6% total New-Prot implem. 16 43% New-Prot on socket 27, Old on socket 1 (2) 9 24% New-Prot on 1 and 27 (3) 6 16% New-Prot on 1 only (3) 1 3% Notes: * All data in this report were gathered via a surveying program run at various times, plus a few manual checks to fill out the data. What is reported here is the way the various servers work as seen by the new-Protocol User Telnet at BBNA, as of 4 Dec. 1974. (2) These are the sites whose operation is 100% correct according to all protocols and conventions, as I understand them. (3) We realize that some of the servers that appear here as New- Protocol servers on socket 1 are actually servers which attempt to communicate with both Old- and New-Protocol User TELNETs according to what control sequences are received. Dodds [Page 1]
RFC 669 Survey of New-Protocol TELNET Servers December 1974 Tabulation of server status for all server sites: Host Host Socket Socket New-Prot, Options No. Name 1 27 Implementation (if any) 101 UCLA-CCN Old X 201 UCLA-CCBS Old X 2 SRI-ARC Old X 102 SRI-AI Old New I1,3,6; O3 3 UCSB-MOD75 Old X 4 UTAH-10 Old X 105 BBN-TENEX Old New I1,3,6; O3 305 BBN-TENEXA Old New I1,3,6; O3 106 MIT-DMS New New I1,3; O3 206 MIT-AI Old X 306 MIT-ML Old X 7 RAND-RCC Old X 10 SDC-LAB Old X 110 SDC-CC ? ? 11 HARV-10 New X I1,3; O3 12 LL-67 Old* X 112 LL-TX-2 Old X 13 SU-AI New* New* I1,3 15 CASE-10 Old X 16 CMU-10B New New I1,3; O3 116 CMU-10A New New I1,3; O3 17 I4-TENEX Old X 217 KI4B-TENEX Old X 20 AMES-67 New New None 126 USC-ISI Old New I1,3,6; O3 226 USC-ISIB Old New I1,3,6; O3 27 USC-44 Old X 327 USC-ECL Old X 37 CCA-TENEX Old X 40 PARC-MAXC Old New I1,3,6; O3 43 UCSD-CC Old New I0(!),3; O0,3 344 HAWAII-500 ? ? 52 LONDON Old* X 53 OFFICE-1 Old X 54 MIT-MULTICS New New None 61 BBN-TENEXB Old New I1,3,6; O3 162 BBN-TENEXD Old New I1,3,6; O3 Dodds [Page 2]
RFC 669 Survey of New-Protocol TELNET Servers December 1974 Key: X No server at this socket ? Status not ascertained -- unable to connect to host I# Option # implemented incoming to user (Server says "Will #") O# Option # implemented outgoing from user (Server says "Do #") (# is option number in new Protocol. All options implemented by anyone are: 0 Transmit-Binary 1 Echo 3 Suppress-Go-Ahead 6 Timing-Mark ) Note: * These servers return improper responses to some TELNET option requests. [ This RFC was put into machine readable form for entry ] [ into the online RFC archives by Alex McKenzie with ] [ support from GTE, formerly BBN Corp. 2/2000 ] Dodds [Page 3]