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Network Working Group Michael D. Kudlick RFC # 621 SRI-ARC NIC # 21994 March 6, 1974 NIC USER DIRECTORIES AT SRI-ARC On Friday evening 8-Mar-74, we will delete all those directories at SRI-ARC that belonged to NIC users who were transferred to OFFICE-1. Simultaneous1y, there is to be a change at each Network Host such that the Hostname "NIC" will refer to OFFICE-1 (Host 53 octal), not to SRI-

ARC. (See RFC# 620, NIC# 21993)

The effect of these changes is that Network mail sent to NIC users in the form "nicusername@NIC" will be delivered to OFFICE-1, as it should. But if such mail is sent to "nicusername@SRI-ARC" it will not be accepted at SRI-ARC, because the NIC user's username will be no longer be known there. PLEASE NOTE THAT IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO READ ANY NETWORK MAIL THAT WAS DELIVERED TO YOU AT SRI-ARC PRIOR TO FRIDAY EVENING 8-MARCH. THIS MAIL WILL BE DELETED AT THAT TIME. [ This RFC was put into machine readable form for entry ] [ into the online RFC archives by Alex McKenzie with ] [ support from GTE, formerly BBN Corp. 1/2000 ] Kudlick [Page 1]