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Network Working Group Dr. William K. Pratt RFC # 526 USC NIC # 17162 June 25, 1973 Technical Meeting Digital Image Processing Software Systems July 17-18, 1973 University of Southern California The University of Southern California Image Processing Institute in conjunction with the Advanced Research Projects Agency, Information Processing Techniques Office is sponsoring a technical meeting on digital image processing software systems. The meeting will be held at USC on July 17-18, 1973. The purpose of the meeting is to consider the existing hardware facilities and software systems suitable for large scale image processing operations over the ARPANET. Additionally, preliminary consideration will be given to the potential development of universal image processing software that will be of utility to the entire image processing R & D community. Representatives of interested organizations are invited to attend the technical meeting. Attendees should contact: Professor William K. Pratt Olin Hall, Room 330H University of Southern California University Park Los Angeles, California 90007 (213) 746-2694 Pratt [Page 1]
RFC 526 Digital Image Processing Software Systems Meeting June 1973 Technical Meeting DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING SOFTWARE SYSTEMS July 17-18, 1973 University of Southern California Los Angeles, California AGENDA ------ 17 July 1973 ------------ Powell Hall - Room 101 ---------------------- 1:00 Introduction; informal tour of USC image processing facilities Seaver Science Center Conference Room ------------------------------------- Image Processing Hardware and Software Moderator: Bill Pratt - USC 2:00 ARPA Image Processing Programs John Perry - ARPA/IPT 2:30 UCLA Campus Computer Network Computational Facilities Bob Braden - UCLA 3:00 Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories Computational Facilities 3:30 ILLIAC IV Computational Facilities Clark Oliphant - Computer Center Corp. 4:00 Coffee Break 4:30 VICAR Image Processing Software John Krasner - JPL 5:00 LARSYS Image Processing Software 5:30 PAZ II Image Processing Software Azriel Rosenfeld - University of Maryland (tentative) Pratt [Page 2]
RFC 526 Digital Image Processing Software Systems Meeting June 1973 Faculty Center -------------- 6:30 Cocktail Hour 7:30 Dinner 8:30 Discussions of Other Image Processing Software PECOS - - ESL, Inc. LADIES - Bob Hunt - Los Alamos KANDIDATS - R. Haralick - Kansas 18 July 1973 ------------ Seaver Science Center Conference Room ------------------------------------- 9:00 Group discussion Moderator: John Perry - requirements of user community - advantages and disadvantages of existing software systems - desired properties of a software system 10:30 Coffee Break 11: 00 Group discussion continuation - proposals for adoption of a universal image processing software 12:00 Meeting ends [ This RFC was put into machine readable form for entry ] [ into the online RFC archives by Alex McKenzie with ] [ support from GTE, formerly BBN Corp. 10/99 ] Pratt [Page 3]