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Network Working Group N. Neigus Request for Comment: 432 BBN-NET NIC: 13490 December 1972 Network Logical Map Attached is the logical map of the network as of December 30, 1972. The ovals indicate the host computers that we think are connected to each IMP, with the double oval implying an interface. If there are any errors in the map or if your status vis-a-vis connected hosts, is going to change within the next few months, please contact: Nancy J. Neigus Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc. 50 Moulton Street Cambridge, Ma. 02138 617-491-1850 X511 or leave a message for NJN at the NIC. In the future we would appreciate being notified any time there is such a change. NJN/jm Attach. Here was a figure of: ARPA NETWORK, LOGICAL MAP, JANUARY 1973 (The map is available in .PDF and .PS format.) [This RFC was put into machine readable form for entry] [into the online RFC archives by Helene Morin, Via Genie 12/99] Neigus [Page 1]