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NETWORK WORKING GROUP James C. Norton (SRI-ARC) Request for Comments #416 7-NOV-72 NIC #12542 THE ARC SYSTEM WILL BE UNAVAILABLE FOR USE DURING THANKSGIVING WEEK The ARC PDP-10 system will be unavailable for ARC and NIC users from Friday, November 17 (6:00 pm PST ) through Sunday, November

26. (10:00 pm PST). This will give our hardware team a period of

nine days to work on equipment with a loss of only three SRI working days to users (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.) This is the Network Information Center's notice to its network users of the schedule. In addition, a login message will be sent starting about 6 November to all users showing schedule. It will read something like: "THE ARC/NIC PDP-10 SYSTEM WILL BE UNAVAILABLE FOR USE FROM FRIDAY NOV 17 (6:00 pm PST) THRU SUNDAY NOV 26 (10:00 pm PST) FOR MAJOR HARDWARE WORK AS OUTLINED IN (12542,)". For those who are interested, the hardware facility work to be done during this period will include: Removal of the Bryant disk, Bryant disk controller and Cybernex drum-disk interference. Moving the Tasker display system and DEC dispack (old and new) equipment to their new locations. Having Bryant people run a combination drum maintenance and training session to teach ARC people how to change heads and clean the drum. Redoing the power cabling to the drum. Putting the new signal cable in between drum and controller. Debugging the parity checker. [Page 1]
Making a check of all main signal levels in XCORE. Debugging the new cable from the parity checker to XCORE. Wiring the parity bit through the Cybernex XCORE interface. Getting any necessary power wiring done. Building a wall for the next dispack location. [ This RFC was put into machine readable form for entry ] [ into the online RFC archives by BBN Corp. under the ] [ direction of Alex McKenzie. 1/97 ] [Page 2]