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NIC 10424 Karl Kelley NWG/RFC 345 University of Illinois May 26, 1972 INTEREST IN MIXED INTEGER PROGRAMMING (MPSX ON 360/91 AT CCN) MPSX is a newer version of the IBM project MPS, used for integer programming. From what I've been told, MPSX outperforms the previous package. In addition, it has available a feature of mixed integer programming. Since MPSX is an IBM product, an installation which uses it is charged a fixed rental fee per month. At the present time, CCN does not have this processor with its system. We are anticipating asking them to install it, with the mixed integer programming option. We are looking for any other users from the Network who may need this software in order to prorate the cost between several installations. The initial estimate of the cost is $130/month, plus $225 for the mixed integer programming feature. A share of this cost would be assigned to each user of the system. I am told by Robert Bell of CCN that they could take care of those details for us. If you have an interest in this, I urge you to contact me within the month. If you have questions about the mixed integer programming feature of the MPSX system itself, you could contact: Stewart Schuster University of Illinois Center for Advanced Computation 327 Advanced Computation Building Urbana, Illinois 61801 Tel: (217) 333-3036 Of course, in the meantime, the system MPS is available on the CCN system. KCK:mdt [ This RFC was put into machine readable form for entry ] [ into the online RFC archives by BBN Corp. under the ] [ direction of Alex McKenzie. 12/96 ] [Page 1]