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Network Working Group Robert Kahn RFC-29 BBN 19 January 1970 This note is in response to Bill English's Request for Comments: 28. A "millisecond" clock should be satisfactory for most network measurements. Round-trip message transit times typically should be at least on the order of tens to hundreds of milliseconds. The IMP contains a 16-bit hardware clock which is incremented every 100 microseconds to allow for timing of internal events within the IMP, as for example, during tracing. However, most measurements are made using a 25.6 ms. software clock. DISTRIBUTION:

A. Bhushan, MIT

S. Carr. Utah

G. Cole, SDS

S. Crocker, UCLA


J. Heafner, RAND

B. Kahn, BBN

T. O'Sullivan, Raytheon

L. Roberts, ARPA

P. Rovner, LL

R. Stoughton, UCSB