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0.6. Acknowledgments

Many people were involved in the production of this book. The original editor, John Posner, got this book rolling and provided many helpful comments that substantially improved the book. When John moved on, Laurie Petrycki shepherded this book to its completion. The eagle-eyed Jeni Tennison read the entire manuscript from start to finish and caught many errors large and small. Without her attention, this book would not be nearly as accurate. Stephen Spainhour deserves special thanks for his work on the reference section. His efforts in organizing and reviewing material helped create a better book. We'd like to thank Matt Sergeant and Didier P. H. Martin for their thorough technical review of the manuscript and thoughtful suggestions. James Kass's Code2000 font was invaluable in producing Chapter 26.

We'd also like to thank everyone who has worked so hard to make XML such a success over the last few years and thereby given us something to write about. There are so many of these people that we can only list a few. In alphabetical order we'd like to thank Tim Berners-Lee, Jonathan Borden, Jon Bosak, Tim Bray, David Brownell, Mike Champion, James Clark, Charles Goldfarb, Jason Hunter, Arnaud Le Hors, Michael Kay, Keiron Liddle, Murato Makoto, Eve Maler, Brett McLaughlin, David Megginson, David Orchard, Walter E. Perry, Simon St.Laurent, C. M. Sperberg-McQueen, Jonathan Robie, Arved Sandstrom, James Tauber, Henry S. Thompson, B. Tommie Usdin, Daniel Veillard, Norm Walsh, Lauren Wood, and Mark Wutka. Our apologies to everyone we unintentionally omitted.

Elliotte would like to thank his agent, David Rogelberg, who convinced him that it was possible to make a living writing books like this rather than working in an office. The entire Sunsite crew (now ibiblio.org) has also helped him to communicate better with his readers in a variety of ways over the last several years. All these people deserve much thanks and credit. Finally, as always, he offers his largest thanks to his wife, Beth, without whose love and support this book would never have happened.

Scott would most like to thank his lovely wife, Celia, who has already spent way too much time as a "computer widow." He would also like to thank his daughter Selene for understanding why Daddy can't play with her when he's "working" and Skyler for just being himself. Also, he'd like to thank the team at Enterprise Web Machines for helping him make time to write. Finally, he would like to thank John Posner for getting him into this and Laurie Petrycki for working with him when things got tough.

-- Elliotte Rusty Harold,

-- W. Scott Means,

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