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0.2. What's New in the Second Edition

XML has hardly stood still in the 18 months since the first edition of XML in a Nutshell was published. To answer the most frequent request from readers of the first edition, there are now two new chapters covering schemas. Furthermore, other chapters throughout the book have been rewritten to reflect the impact of schemas on their subject matter. We added several other new topics as well, including the RDDL, the Transformations API for XML (TrAX), the Java API for XML Processing (JAXP), and SAX filters.

In addition, the treatment of many topics has been upgraded to the latest versions of various specifications, including:

  • XSL Formatting Objects 1.0

  • XLink 1.0

  • XPointer 2nd Candidate Recommendation

  • XHTML 1.1

  • Unicode 3.1.1

Finally, many small errors and omissions were corrected throughout the book.

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