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5.3. The <tr> Tag

Every row in a table is created with a <tr> tag. Within the <tr> tag are one or more cells containing either headers, each defined with the <th> tag, or data, each defined with the <td> tag.

Every row in a table has the same number of cells as the longest row; the browser automatically creates empty cells to pad rows with fewer defined cells.

Attributes to the <tr> tag control behavior for every cell it contains. There are two commonly used attributes for this tag:

The browser treats each table cell as though it were its own browser window, fitting the contents to the size of the cell by breaking lines and flowing text. You can restrict line breaks with the nowrap attribute.

Background colors can be set for the cells in a row with bgcolor. Additional attributes for the <tr> tag that can specify a background image and set 3D border colors are specific to Internet Explorer.

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