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1.7. Recommended Books

This is a reference book for looking up things you already know. But what if you don't already know it? At the risk of blatant self-promotion, here are some books published by O'Reilly & Associates that we recommend heartily:

  • Web content providers will find HTML and XHTML: The Definitive Guide, written by Chuck Musciano and Bill Kennedy, to be an essential reference. Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference by Danny Goodman contains just about everything you need to know to create dynamic web content.

  • Designers who are getting started on the Web will find the basics of creating graphics and simple web pages in Web Design in a Nutshell and Learning Web Design, both by Jennifer Niederst. Designers who are interested in learning JavaScript should try Designing with JavaScript by Nick Heinle and Bill Peña.

  • Programmers on web sites should flock to CGI Programming with Perl by Scott Guelich, Shishir Gundavaram, and Gunther Birznicks; Perl in a Nutshell by Ellen Siever, Stephen Spainhour, and Nathan Patwardhan; as well David Flanagan's JavaScript: The Definitive Guide and Programming PHP by Rasmus Lerdorf and Kevin Tatroe. For a Perl tutorial, we recommend Learning Perl by Randal Schwartz and Tom Phoenix, and Perl for Web Site Management by John Callendar; for more complete Perl documentation, we recommend the classic "Camel" book, Programming Perl, by Larry Wall, Tom Christiansen, and Jon Orwant. mod_perl programmers should also check out Writing Apache Modules with Perl and C by Lincoln Stein and Doug MacEachern.

  • Anyone who works with HTTP directly, both programmers and administrators, will find HTTP: The Definitive Guide to be an absolutely indispensible.

  • Web site administrators might also consider the following references for their shelves: Apache: The Definitive Guide by Ben Laurie and Peter Laurie, Web Security and Commerce by Simson Garfinkel (with Gene Spafford), and Web Performance Tuning by Patrick Killelea.

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