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11.12. Removing HTML and PHP Tags

11.12.3. Discussion

While fgetss( ) is convenient if you need to strip tags from a file as you read it in, it may get confused if tags span lines or if they span the buffer that fgetss( ) reads from the file. At the price of increased memory usage, reading the entire file into a string provides better results:

$no_tags = strip_tags(join('',file('test.html')));

Both strip_tags( ) and fgetss( ) can be told not to remove certain tags by specifying those tags as a last argument. The tag specification is case-insensitive, and for pairs of tags, you only have to specify the opening tag. For example, this removes all but <b></b> tags from $html:

$html = '<a outsideurl=">I <b>love</b> computer books.</a>';
print strip_tags($html,'<b>');
I <b>love</b> computer books.

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