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0.3. Conventions Used in This Book

Italic is used for:

  • Pathnames, filenames, program names, email addresses, and web sites

  • New terms where they are defined

Bold is used for:

  • Keys

  • GUI menu items and buttons

Constant Width is used for:

  • Any HTML, CSS, or scripting term, including HTML tags, attribute names, object names, properties, methods, and event handlers

  • All HTML and script code listings

Constant Width Italic is used for:

  • Method and function parameters or assigned value placeholders that indicate an item is to be replaced by a real value in actual use

Throughout Part II, compatibility tables accompany most entries. A number shown for an item indicates the version of the designated browser or web standard in which the term was first introduced. If an item premiere predates Navigator 2, Internet Explorer 3, or HTML 3.2, it is assigned the value "all". If an item is not supported by a browser or standard as the book went to press, it is assigned the value "n/a". If an item has been removed from a browser, a less-than symbol precedes the version that no longer supports the item (e.g., <6). And if an item is available in only one browser version, the number is surrounded by vertical bars (e.g., |4|).

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