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Running Linux, 4th Ed.Running Linux, 4th Ed.Search this book


Stallman, Richard M. GNU Emacs Manual. GNU Press.

Robbins, Arnold, and Linda Lamb. Learning the vi Editor. O'Reilly & Associates.

Rosenblatt, Bill, Eric S. Raymond, and Debra Cameron. Learning Gnu Emacs. O'Reilly & Associates.

Lampaport, Leslie. LaTeX: A Document Preparation System. Addison Wesley.

Reese, George, Randy Jay Yarger, Tim King, and Hugh E. Williams. Managing and Using MySQL. O'Reilly & Associates.

Greenspan, Jay, and Brad Bulger. MySQL/PHP Database Applications. John Wiley & Sons.

DuBois, Paul, and Michael Widenius. MySQL. New Riders.

Meadhra, Michael. StarOffice for Linux For Dummies. Hungry Minds.

Knuth, Donald E. The TEXbook. AddisonWesley.

Oualline, Steve. Vi iMproved (VIM). New Riders.

Levine Young, Margaret, David C. Kay, David Guertin, and Kathy Warfel. WordPerfect for Linux for Dummies. Hungry Minds.

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