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3.4. Installation (make install)

After testing the server, the last step is to install it. First install all the Perl files (usually as root):

panic# make install

Then go to the Apache source tree and complete the Apache installation (installing the configuration files, httpd, and utilities):

panic# cd ../apache_1.3.xx
panic# make install

Of course, if you have used the APACHE_PREFIX option as explained earlier in this chapter, you can skip this step.

Now the installation should be considered complete. You may now configure your server and start using it.

3.4.1. Manually Building a mod_perl-Enabled Apache

If you want to build httpd separately from mod_perl, you should use the NO_HTTPD=1 option during the perl Makefile.PL (mod_perl build) stage. Then you will have to configure various things by hand and proceed to build Apache. You shouldn't run perl Makefile.PL before following the steps described in this section.

If you choose to manually build mod_perl, there are three things you may need to set up before the build stage:

mod_perl's Makefile
When perl Makefile.PL is executed, $APACHE_SRC/modules/perl/Makefile may need to be modified to enable various options (e.g., ALL_HOOKS=1).

Optionally, instead of tweaking the options during the perl Makefile.PLstage, you can edit mod_perl-1.xx/src/modules/perl/Makefile before running perl Makefile.PL.

Add the following to apache_1.3.xx/src/Configuration:

AddModule modules/perl/libperl.a

We suggest you add this entry at the end of the Configuration file if you want your callback hooks to have precedence over core handlers.

Add the following to EXTRA_LIBS:

EXTRA_LIBS=`perl -MExtUtils::Embed -e ldopts`

Add the following to EXTRA_CFLAGS:

EXTRA_CFLAGS=`perl -MExtUtils::Embed -e ccopts`
mod_perl source files
Return to the mod_perl directory and copy the mod_perl source files into the Apache build directory:

panic% cp -r src/modules/perl apache_1.3.xx/src/modules/

When you are done with the configuration parts, run:

panic% perl Makefile.PL NO_HTTPD=1 DYNAMIC=1  EVERYTHING=1 \

DYNAMIC=1 enables a build of the shared mod_perl library. Add other options if required.

panic# make install

Now you may proceed with the plain Apache build process. Note that in order for your changes to the apache_1.3.xx/src/Configuration file to take effect, you must run apache_1.3.xx/src/Configure instead of the default apache_1.3.xx/configure script:

panic% cd ../apache_1.3.xx/src
panic% ./Configure
panic% make
panic# make install

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