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E.7. More Reasons to Use AxKit

Hopefully this will have whetted your appetite to play with AxKit. If you still need convincing, here are some extra things AxKit can do:

  • AxKit can work with filter-aware modules and, instead of XSP, use other templating systems (such as Mason) to produce XML structures that will be styled on the fly after being passed to AxKit.

  • XSLT, XSP, and XPathScript aren't the only possible processors. You can fairly easily create a new type of processor (such as a graph-outputting processor that would transform XML into charts, or rasterize some SVG).

  • Apache configuration isn't the only way to control AxKit. You can create a ConfigReader that reads the configuration from another system, such as an XML file on disk.

  • There are ways to choose stylesheets on the fly—for instance, to allow people to see the site with the design they prefer, based on cookies or a query string.

  • AxKit has an intelligent and powerful caching system that can be controlled in various ways or replaced by a custom cache if needed.

  • You don't need to fetch the initial content from the filesystem. The Provider interface allows you to return data from wherever Perl can get it (e.g., a content-management system).

For more information, help, support, and community chat, please visit the web site at http://axkit.org/ and join in the discussions on the mailing lists, where you will find like minded people building a range of solutions.

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