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8.7. HTML Resources in This Book

In addition to the detailed descriptions of HTML tags and their use in the following eight chapters, there are several appendices at the end of the book that provide a quick reference for the entire set of HTML tags, sliced a number of different ways.

Appendix A, "HTML Elements"

This is an alphabetical listing of all the currently available HTML tags mentioned in this book. It includes all the tags listed in the HTML 4.01 specification (including the complete list of attributes for each tag), tags in current use that are not specifically mentioned in the specification, and all browser-specific tags and attributes. It also provides chapter and page references so you can look up the detailed information for each tag quickly.

Appendix B, "List of Attributes"

This is a listing of every available attribute as published by the HTML 4.01 specification. It indicates in which tags the attribute can be used, whether it is optional or required, and whether it has been deprecated by the HTML 4.01 specification.

Appendix C, "Deprecated Tags"

This appendix lists all the tags and attributes that have been officially deprecated by the W3C in the HTML 4.01 specification. Deprecated tags are still supported by browsers for backward compatibility but are discouraged from use. Most attributes are deprecated in favor of style sheet controls. The table also lists recommended substitutes when noted by the W3C.

Appendix D, "Proprietary Tags"

This appendix contains a list of tags supported only in Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

Appendix E, "CSS Support Chart"

This appendix lists all elements in the Cascading Style Sheets specification and notes how well Navigator and Internet Explorer support them.

Appendix F, "Character Entities"

This is a chart of standard, proposed, and generally supported character entities for HTML. Character entities are introduced in Chapter 10, "Formatting Text".

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