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1.5. Test, Test, Test!

The final word in the dilemma of designing for a variety of browsers is test ! Always test your site on as many browsers, browser versions, and platform configurations as you can get your hands on.

Professional web design firms run their sites through a vigorous quality assurance phase before going "live." They generally keep a bank of computers of varying platforms and processing powers that run as many versions of browsers (including Lynx) as possible.

If you do not have the resources to keep a similar setup on your own, make the site available on a private test site and take a look at it on your friends' computers. You might view it under corporate conditions (a fast Windows machine with a 6.0 browser and a T1 connection), then visit a friend at home to see the same site on AOL with a 28.8 modem. (If nothing else, this is a good excuse to get away from your computer and visit your friends!)

Although your pages will certainly look different in different environments, the idea is to make sure that nothing is outright broken and your content is being communicated clearly.

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