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1.10. Summary

Now that you've read this chapter, we hope you have developed an appreciation for the art of sound design as well as a framework for building effective web soundtracks. There are challenges to overcome specific to interactive media and limited Internet bandwidths, but the rewards are many. While we have laid down the structures and principles of good web sound design using narration, sound effects, and loops, it is important to remember that this new art form requires innovation, individual exploration, and problem solving. Unlike film and CD-ROM sound design, there are not as many established principles or methods for designing web audio. And there are a host of new technical challenges, namely the lack of sophisticated controls for audio playback and synchronization. Ultimately, we hope you find the challenge of designing web audio and contributing innovations to this new field an exciting adventure rather than a frustrating battle with bleeding-edge technology.

Now that you are excited about the possibilities of designing web audio, let's find out more about how sound actually works and how it gets converted into digital information in Chapter 2, "The Science of Sound and Digital Audio".

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