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Browser compatibility and percent of browsers with Plug-in


Interactive sound design capabilities

Limited. Format is designed for song compression and to allow electronic devices to communicate, not as a multimedia authoring environment.


Button rollovers.

Software cost for encoding and streaming

Free to $100+.


If you already have MIDI files, you can post them to a web server for free. To create your own MIDI, files you will need to purchase a MIDI editor such as Vision or Cubase.

Level of documentation and support


Audio encoding and content generation



Must have familiarity with MIDI authoring environments such as Vision, Cubase, Performer, etc.

Audio authoring and delivery



Easy to place MIDI files on a standard web server for playback.

Audio fidelity and compression



Note, since MIDI is not a digital audio format but a form of music notation, audio fidelity is dependent on the user's sound card and sound engine.

Low-bandwidth performance


Server performance and quality of software tools for large-scale streaming

Poor/Fair -- HTTP pseudo-streaming from a standard web server.

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