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B.7. Director Shockwave



Browser compatibility and percent of browsers with Plug-in


Interactive sound design capabilities

Excellent. Technology is designed to compress multimedia files as well as create them with advanced Lingo scripting.


Advanced button rollovers, transitions, sound effects, loops, audio synced to animation, scriptable fade-ins and fade-outs, and more.

Software cost for encoding and streaming



Must purchase Director to export Shockwave files. Format does not require dedicated server.

Level of documentation and support


Audio encoding and content generation


Audio authoring and delivery



Director is a powerful multimedia authoring environment that takes time to master.

Audio fidelity and compression



Shockwave audio files compressed with the MPEG codec in Director sound great.

Low-bandwidth performance



Shockwave files often drop out if a user's bandwidth fluctuates. Shockwave and Flash audio streaming works best for users with 56 Kbps or DSL modem speeds.

Server performance and quality of software tools for large-scale streaming

Poor/Fair -- HTTP Pseudo-Streaming.


The Director Shockwave format does not support large-scale broadcasting.

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