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JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

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JavaScript Reference

Document.embeds[] Property


Document.embeds[] Property---embedded objects in a document


Navigator 3.0




The embeds property of the Document object is an array of JavaObjects, each of which represents one embedded object in the document. Objects or data are embedded in an HTML page with the <EMBED> tag, and embedded objects are displayed, in Navigator at least, with plug-ins. For Java-enabled plug-ins, the JavaObjects in the embeds[] array allow you to interact with the plug-in that is displaying the embedded object. For plug-ins that are not Java-enabled, the JavaObject in embeds[] is a dummy object, and you cannot do anything with it.

Note that the contents of this array are JavaObject objects, not Plugin objects, as you might expect. The Plugin object and the Navigator.plugins[] array simply provides information about installed plug-ins. The Document.embeds[] array allows control over the plug-ins and access to the data those plug-ins are displaying. The fields and methods of the JavaObject objects provided by in the embeds[] array vary from plug-in to plug-in, and documentation will be supplied by the plug-in manufacturers.

If the <EMBED> tag of an embedded object contains the NAME attribute to specify a name, then a reference to the JavaObject for that embedded object will also be available as a property of the Document. The name of this Document property will be the name of the embedded object--i.e., the value of the NAME attribute.

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