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JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

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JavaScript Reference

Form.method Property


Form.method Property---the submission method for the form


Navigator 2.0; implemented but nonfunctional in Internet Explorer 3.0




method is a read/write string property of the Form object. It specifies the method by which form data is submitted. The initial value of this property is specified by the METHOD attribute of the <FORM> tag. The two legal values are GET and POST.

The GET method is the default. It is usually used for form submissions such as database queries that do not have side effects. With this method, the encoded form data is appended to the URL specified by the Form.action property. CGI scripts receiving a form submitted by this method generally read the form data from the QUERY_STRING environment variable.

The POST method is appropriate for form submissions, such as additions to databases, that have side effects. With this method, encoded form data is sent in the HTTP request body, and is available to CGI scripts that read from the standard input stream.

Consult CGI Programming on the World Wide Web if you are not sure which method to use or how to write a CGI script to receive data submitted from a form.

You can set this property in Internet Explorer 3.0, but doing so will have no effect on how the form is submitted.

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