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JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

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JavaScript Reference

Element.type Property


Element.type Property---the type of a form element


Navigator 3.0




type is a read-only string property of all form elements. It specifies the type of the form element. The value of this property for each possible form element is given in the table below.

Note that the Select element has two possible type values, depending on whether it allows single or multiple selection. Also note, that unlike all other element properties, type is not available in Navigator 2.0 or Internet Explorer 3.0.

Object Type HTML Tag type Property
Button <INPUT TYPE=button> "button"
Checkbox <INPUT TYPE=checkbox> "checkbox"
FileUpload <INPUT TYPE=file> "file"
Hidden <INPUT TYPE=hidden> "hidden"
Password <INPUT TYPE=password> "password"
Radio <INPUT TYPE=radio> "radio"
Reset <INPUT TYPE=reset> "reset"
Select <SELECT> "select-one"
Select <SELECT MULTIPLE> "select-multiple"
Submit <INPUT TYPE=submit> "submit"
Text <INPUT TYPE=text> "text"
Textarea <TEXTAREA> "textarea"

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