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JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

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JavaScript Reference

Area Object


Area Object---a hypertext link in a client-side image map


Navigator 3.0



HTML Syntax

An Area object is created by an <AREA> tag within a client-side image map:

<MAP NAME="map_name">
    <AREA SHAPE="area_shape"
        HREF="url"    the destination of the link
        [ TARGET="window_name" ]  where the new document should be displayed
        [ onClick="handler" ] invoked when area is clicked
        [ onMouseOver="handler" ] invoked when mouse is over area
        [ onMouseOut="handler" ]  invoked when mouse leaves area


The Area object represents a hypertext link created with the <AREA> tag within a client-side image map. JavaScript does not distinguish between hypertext links created with the <AREA> tag and those created with the <A> tag, however, and the Area object is actually the same thing as the Link object. All hypertext links, regardless of what HTML tag creates them, are represented by Link objects stored in the links[] array of the Document object that contains them.

There are only two differences between hypertext links created with the <AREA> tag and those created with the <A> tag. The first is that links in image maps are not recognized by Navigator 2.0 and Internet Explorer--those browsers only recognize links created with the <A> tag. The second difference is simply a bug: the onClick() event handler of the <AREA> tag doesn't work on Windows platforms in Navigator 3.0.

See Link for a listing and description of the properties and event handlers of hypertext links.

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